Here To Stay: Keeping Up With Her ‘Promise’, Smriti Irani Bought Land In Amethi; Takes A Dig At Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Smriti Irani has bought a plot of land in Amethi to make a house for herself, in a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Irani said no MP from here ever made the constituency his home.

According to PTI, “the people of Amethi always wondered if their MP would ever reside here after building his house,” she claimed while talking to reporters. Without taking Rahul Gandhi’s name she said the history is witness to the fact that no Amethi MP ever built his house and stayed here.

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During the 2019, Lok Sabha elections, Smriti Irani defeated Rahul Gandhi and became the MP of Amethi.

“During the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, I had promised that I would make my house here and do all my work from here. For this I have got a plot of land registered,” she was quoted by PTI. 

On Monday, she registered the land she bought for Rs. 12 lakhs at Medan Mawai area of Gauriganj in Amethi. She said she will invite everyone for the “bhoomi pujan” after saying that she had been living in a rented accommodation so far. 

Smriti Irani also added, she had promised to set up a medical college and an army school in Amethi besides getting built a bypass road for the city and said she has fulfilled all her promises till now. 

Recently when the Congress leader criticized the BJP government for not coming up with a permanent solution. He accused the government of bullying and discrediting the Farmers at protest; Irani, who defeated Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi parliamentary constituency in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls said “Rahul Gandhi today declared war on the people of India. He said that if his political stand is not supported by the PM of our country, then cities will burn! I appeal to every Indian citizen to ensure that Rahul Gandhi’s call for violence is met with sustained peace.” 

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